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I have been a plumber for the past 40+ years and the last 20+ years renovating and building high-end Bathroom Suites with a variety of stone products.

A few years ago a friend asked me if I would seal their family gravestone with one of our Anti Graffiti sealing products. He told me that their gravestone was under a large tree were deposits of sap and bird droppings would collect on their stone.

It took one of the family members 3-4 hours to prepare and take supplies and clean their family cemetery monument.

From my plumbing and tile and stone setting experience I knew that I would need a penetrating cleaner/sealer and not a surface sealer like that of our Anti Graffiti products.

Products used in the bathroom should not be used to clean and/or seal outside stone products – “Especially Do Not Use Powerwashers”. We base this on the studies that were done by the North American Associations of Cemetery Conservationists.

We Always Use Distilled-Water so not to contaminate the stone with minerals from Hard-Water.

Household chemicals and hard-water dry out the stone’s ecological bonding agents allowing them to decompose, our Quaternary Solution works similar to shampooing your hair with a conditioning product.

Our solution cleans out the environment’s dirt and grime (air pollution, hard water, tree sap, moss, lichen natural growth, rust, bird droppings and a number of other sources) leaving behind elements to restore the stone’s natural bonding agents.

Proper Cleaning preserves the integrity and design of the stone and guards against deterioration and the effects of pollution.

Not only does it make the gravestones and monument look better, it will protect the stone from cracking, chipping and/or staining.

One of the bathroom renovations that I encountered was where the threshold of the shower was built with a 2-inch slab of marble. This picture shows what happened to a solid piece of marble that was used for 20 years in a shower.       
      AFTER     BEFORE
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20-years of Water, Soaps, Shampoos and Various Household Cleaners
Caused this 2 inch Marble Slab to Decompose and Crumble
After some research and a visit to a good friend who lives outside of Washington DC, I found some great products.

It happened that my good friend had a friend in the business of cleaning and restoration of gravestones. I spend the better part of two weeks working with this company to obtain the experience and find the sources to these stone products used to clean stone at such places as the US Arlington Cemetery and the US White House.

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