AG London Ontario and Area Gravestone Cleaning and Restoration:

Grave Markers (Gravestones, Headstones, Monuments, and Tombstones) are a symbol and a tribute of the love and memories of our loved ones who have passed on. It is a way to eternally honour and remember the people what we will never forget.

We believe and stand by a creed that many Cemetery Conservationist Organizations  have – “To Do No Harm”.

Cleaning with soap, water and typical household cleaners will not remove these stains and can often permanently harm the monument.

Our staff is trained to clean and treat each grave marker using the proper procedure and cleaning solutions appropriate for it’s specific type of material.

Over time, Grave Markers can become dirty and/or stained by air pollution, hard water, tree sap, moss, lichen natural growth, rust, bird droppings and a number of other sources.

Proper Cleaning preserves the integrity and design of the stone and guard against deterioration and the effects of pollution.

We know the local problems, and we know our products. We only use trusted products that have been tested by time. We use the same products that are used by the US National Parks Service, US Department of Veteran Affairs National Cemetery Administration and others – to see the list click here.  

Let us be your trustworthy custodian of the place where your memories reside.

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Note - Cemeteries are Not Responsible for Individual Grave Markers:

Most cemeteries do an excellent job of maintaining the cemetery’s grounds but it is the family’s responsibility to take care of the individual grave site.

Note About the Pictures on this Website:

The pictures on this site have been supplied by the manufacture of our cleaning solutions. These Grave Marker, Gravestone, Headstone, Monument and Tombstone are 'Extreme Cases' and you do not have to wait until they reach this sate.


"We Know Your Problems – We Know Our Products"                 
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Why Clean and Your Gravestone Monument and Restore Bronze Plaques
      AFTER     BEFORE
Why Clean and Your Gravestone Monument and Restore Bronze Plaques
Why Clean and Your Gravestone Monument and Restore Bronze Plaques
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