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You never get a second chance to make a good first impression:

Armourxguard™ coating offers unparalleled anti-graffiti and easy-to-clean coating   for surfaces.

Armourxguard™ is a permanent, transparent coating that provides a protection of lacquered and painted surfaces against weathering, which facilitates the removal of  a broad range of graffiti, markers, inks, and other types of soiling.

Armourxguard™ coating is a product based on a completely new technology. It is a clear, liquid that is applied as a topcoat onto painted or lacquered substrates, as well as on metals or plastics. The highly reactive silicon / nitrogen containing polymer makes it adhere strongly to the substrate through chemical bonding.

Weathering tests (3,000h) have demonstrated that our coating prevents the paint underneath from chalking, as without the coating the paint showed severe evidence of chalking.

The German Railway Deutsche Bahn since 2006 has been using this coating for the exterior and interior of their trains to stop increasing graffiti damage and to renew dull surfaces.

Deutsche Bahn found the coating to be extremely economical with savings of using harsh chemicals for graffiti and easy of cleaning the heavy soiling related to railway environment. Since then, numerous regional and high speed trains have been coated.

The most striking result of a Armourxguard™ coating is visual, scrutiny of trains with  a two year old coating have found it to be as glossy as when the train was new, regardless of its age. On a 15-year-old train car that had never been repainted the paint was unsurprisingly found to be matted and dull. A simple treatment with Armourxguard™ made the paint appear shiny for much less cost than a complete repainting of the train, further demonstration that the application saves time and money.

The use of Armourxguard™ is certainly not restricted to trains but can also comprise vehicles, boats, facades, advertisement signs shelters, ticket machines and many other applications, provided that the substrate is non-porous.

Check the Benefits from Armourxguard™ Coatings:
  √ Appearance -       Grime, dirt and graffiti make commercial space very un-inviting                                     for customers, clients and patrons

  √ Safety -                Graffiti attracts crime and invites other acts of vandalism
  √ Easy Clean -         Creates an environment easy-clean and save on
                                        ♦  expensive hazardous cleaning chemicals
                                        ♦  high labour costs

  √ Clear and Transparent – does not change the substrates appearance

  √ Protection against harmful UV rays and fading
  √ Protection against damaging oxidation and rust
  √ Protection against scratching
  √ Protection against paint peeling
  √ Protection against unwanted algae affixing to surfaces
  √ Protection against harmful chemicals
                                        ♦  all known graffiti products
                                        ♦  chlorine
                                        ♦  salt-water and Algae
                                        ♦  brake fluid and all harsh solvents

To keep up appearance, renew faded vehicle and protect new vehicles providing proper maintenance with the use of our products. Contact us for an on-site evaluation.

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