Environment - Health and Safety                 
Safe on the Environment:
Our product line is specifically formulated in accordance with current governmental VOC, greenhouse emissions, flammability and toxicity standards.

Greenhouse Emissions: 
Our coatings have been specifically formulated with the environment in mind. The solvents used to formulate the ArmourXguard™ coatings meet both the EPA VOC regulations and the CARB emissions regulations. - VOC is negligible for all products.

Toxicity and Flammability:
In testing performed by an independent laboratory, it was found that the coated surface does not support combustion. Additionally, in the event of a fire, no toxic gases are released from the coating. The full results are below.

Focused on the Environment:
We are committed to generating genuine, sustainable added value. This requires the best possible balance between ecological, social and economic needs, the highest priorities being personal safety and environmentally sound processes and products.

Commitment to Sustainability:
In addition to our compliance with national laws and regulations, we operate under the guiding principles of the Business Charter for Sustainable Development of the International Chamber of Commerce and the Responsible Care Initiative of the chemical industry.

Integrated Product Policy:
Price and quality are not the only criteria in supplier and product selection. We provide our customers with comprehensive information and services to ensure that all products are used in ways that are safe to the environment.

Test Results                                                                       on Aluminum    on Glass
Optimum Smoke Density ASTM E662   Flaming Exposure
                                                                       Average D(s) at 1.5 min                 .41                           .38
                                                                       Average D(s) at 4.0 min                 .48                           .47
                                                                       Average Max Corrected D(s)         .68                           .69
                                                                       Nonflaming Exposure
                                                                       Average D(s) at 1.5 min                 .28                           .14
                                                                       Average D(s) at 4.0 min                 .38                           .19
                                                                       Average Max Corrected D(s)         .43                           .43
Surface Flammability ASTM 162-02a     Flame Spread Index - Average        0                              0
Toxicity Evaluation BSS 7239                   Toxic Gas
                                                                       CO (ppm)                                           10                           10
                                                                       HCI (ppm)                              Not Detected        Not Detected
                                                                       HCN (ppm)                            Not Detected        Not Detected
                                                                       HF (ppm)                                Not Detected        Not Detected
                                                                       NO(x) (ppm)                           Trace                     Trace
                                                                       SO(2) (ppm)                           Not Detected        Not Detected                                                         
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