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Graffiti, Fading, Soiling & Rust :
Whether you are responsible for a large municipality or the Groundskeeper of a small Condo Development, you know that graffiti, soiling and fading costs your corporation money.

Cleaning graffiti and soiled objects present a couple of problems, one the original finish of the substrate is removed leaving a shadow appearance and secondly the products are harmful to the environment.

To keep up appearance, removing and replacing faded and rusted objects like signs and facades are more costly now then providing proper maintenance with the use of our products.

Graffiti -
When the graffiti contains chemically aggressive paints, opaque tar-like substances and corrosive brake fluid, making it a serious challenge to remove all traces of this vandalism.

Costs of removing and repairing graffiti damage are estimated to be at between       20 to 25 billion dollars annually in North America.

Graffiti intimidates residents in neighbourhoods and business customers.

Graffiti attracts crime and invites other acts of vandalism.

As you can see from the (picture on the left) it is very unpleasant.

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Fading by UV Harmful Radiation -
The sun's energy is made up of three distinct spectral components: ultraviolet radiation, visible radiation, and near-infrared radiation. Ultraviolet radiation is invisible to the human eye and has the shortest wavelengths of the three types mentioned.

Ultraviolet radiation (UV) is the single largest contributing factor in fading of outdoor items and real estate.

As you can see from the (picture on the left) it is very unpleasant.

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Oxidation & Rust -
Oxidation is defined as the interaction between oxygen molecules and all the different substances they may contact, from metal to living tissue. Technically, however, with the discovery of electrons, oxidation came to be more precisely defined as the loss of at least one electron when two or more substances interact. Those substances may or may not include oxygen, however for our purposes; we are only interested with oxidation that includes oxygen molecules.

a) The combination of a substance with oxygen.

b) A reaction in which the atoms in an element lose electrons and the valence of the       element is correspondingly increased.

We often use the words oxidation and rust interchangeable, but not all materials which interact with oxygen molecules actually disintegrate into rust. In the case of iron, the oxygen creates a slow burning process, which results in the brittle brown substance we call rust. When oxidation occurs in copper, on the other hand, the result is a greenish coating called copper oxide. When the metal itself is not weakened by oxidation, the surface will develop a patina after years of exposure to air and water.

When it involves oxygen, the process of oxidation depends on the amount of oxygen present in the air and the nature of the material it touches. True oxidation happens on a molecular level — we only see the large-scale effects as the oxygen causes free radicals on the surface to break away.

Once the skin of the surface has been broken, the individual cells come in direct contact with the air and the oxygen molecules start burning them. The result is a form of rust as we see a brownish spots or blemishes.

Oxidation can be destructive and costly to replace and/or repair.

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Grime and Soiling -  An Unpleasant Contamination, grime and dirt can become thick and engrained on the surface.

Through heavy use, grime and dirt wear away surfaces until they look dull or the paints peels and/or the colour fades.

Grime, soiling and engrained dirt make public and private areas very un-inviting for visitors, customers and clients.

After coating the substrate's surface with our coatings, most grime and soiling will come off in a stiff rain-storm or can be effortlessly removed with a cloth and mild detergent.

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