Restrooms - Recreation and Common Areas:               
Graffiti, Grime and Dirt:
Number One Grievance for retailers, service shops and fast food establishments is unclean restrooms and common areas. It is very critical in any successful business to keep customers coming back and have employees content.

Public Restrooms are the Perfect Place for bacteria to thrive as these facilities are designed to dispose large volumes of human waste which consists of up to 30% bacteria. An aerosol cloud of a flushed toilet can spread up to five feet from the fixture transporting infectious fecal borne bacteria on many washroom surfaces.

Medical testing of public restrooms has documented the fact that pathogenic agents are found especially around this five foot area.

Most Proprietors make an Honest Effort to keep their restroom's appearance clean; however cleaning is more then just mopping and wiping. For a surface o be really clean, it needs to be sanitized and disinfected, however the germs can be found deep under the surface of some materials.

Germs Are Everywhere and Today's Patrons are demanding more when it comes to their environment being clean, hygienic and germ free. This is particularly true when it comes to commercial rest rooms, places that could be leading areas for cross contamination and illness to spread.

Restrooms in Your Place of Business influence everyone, particularly your patrons, customers, clients and employees. Every business needs to have a spick-and-span disinfected restroom to avoid negative impression.

For Customers, clean and hygienic restrooms provide for return business.

For Employees, clean and hygienic restrooms help to keep your employees in good health with less absenteeism.

An ArmourXguard™ Coating creates a barrier keeping any germ at the surface allowing cleaning staff to easily wipe clean without using harsh to the environmental cleaners.

Prior to application of ArmourXguard™ Coating we use Steam Vapour, a Technology Engineered Especially for Public Restrooms. This technology has been popular in Europe for more than 30 years and only recently introduced to North America.

Whether you are responsible for a Small or Large Municipality or the Groundskeeper of a small Condo Development, you know that graffiti, soiling and fading costs your corporation money.

Cleaning graffiti and soiled objects present a couple of problems, one the original finish of the substrate is removed leaving a shadow appearance and secondly the products are harmful to the environment.

To keep up appearance, removing and replacing faded and rusted objects like signs and facades are more costly now then providing proper maintenance with the use of our products. Contact us for an on-site evaluation.

Check the Benefits from Armourxguard™ Coatings:
  √ Appearance -  Grime, dirt and graffiti make commercial space very un-inviting                                     for customers, clients and patrons

  √ Safety -           Graffiti attracts crime and invites other acts of vandalism
  √ Easy Clean –   Creates an easy-clean environment and save on
                              ♦  expensive hazardous cleaning chemicals
                              ♦  high labour costs

  √ Clear and Transparent – does not change the substrates appearance

  √ Protection against harmful UV rays and fading
  √ Protection against oxidation and rust
  √ Protection against scratching
  √ Protection against paint peeling
  √ Protection against harmful chemicals
                              ♦  all known graffiti products
                              ♦  chlorine
                              ♦  salt-water
                              ♦  brake fluid and all harsh solvents

Fading by UV Harmful Radiation -

The sun's energy is made up of three distinct spectral components: ultraviolet radiation, visible radiation, and near-infrared radiation. Ultraviolet radiation is invisible to the human eye and has the shortest wavelengths of the three types mentioned.

Ultraviolet radiation (UV) is the single largest contributing factor in fading of outdoor items and real estate.

As you can see from the (picture on the left) it is very unpleasant, and in this case it takes away the meaning of this particular sign. It said in red lettering at one time the most important wording "Private Property".

Police need it posted on the property before they can remove and charge a person, It was the intention of the property owner to post a sign reading what would "not be allowed" and that it was "Private Property". Red is one of the colours that fade the fastest.

Oxidation & Rust -

We often use the words oxidation and rust interchangeable, but not all materials which interact with oxygen molecules actually disintegrate into rust. In the case of iron, the oxygen creates a slow burning process, which results in the brittle brown substance we call rust. When oxidation occurs in copper, on the other hand, the result is a greenish coating called copper oxide. When the metal itself is not weakened by oxidation, the surface will develop a patina after years of exposure to air and water.

Once the skin of the surface has been broken, the individual cells come in direct contact with the air and the oxygen molecules start burning them. The result is a form of rust as we see a brownish spots or blemishes.

Oxidation can be destructive and costly to replace and/or repair.

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