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The Unmistakable Profile of this Product -
Our ArmourXguard™ coating is based on chemical polysilazanes compound of silicon, nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon. Reactive components of polysilazanes react under ambient temperature and pressure with the moisture in the air to form a dense and extremely thin polysiloxane layer which adheres strongly to the substrate.

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Based on Patented Polysilazanes Technology -

    •     A Clear Transparent Permanent Coating
    •     Touch-dry in two (2) Hours - Load Bearing in twenty-four (24) Hours
    •     Vehicles can be Returned to Service Quickly
    •     Room Tempature Curing
    •     Ultra-thin coating <10 μm (micro-meters)
    •     Superior Durability
    •     Resists Fading, Scratches, Oxidization
    •     Meets EPA VOC and CARB regulations
    •     In the event of fire no release of toxic gases

Unlike most coatings ArmourXguard™ cures top-down, therefore the coated surface is quickly and efficiently protected.

Currently there are no similar products on the market that are based on Polysilazanes technology. Most competitors protective coatings are constructed from low performance Polyurethane compounds that yellow in time.

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